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How GPS Works

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GPS Tracking Systems

Secure Systems Group Ltd. is a dealer and distributor for US Fleet Tracking, the World's Leading Manufacturer of Web Based Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for Fleet Management, Surveillance, Personal Security, Asset Protection, Construction, and Auto Finance applications.  Our products are quality automotive grade electronic devices manufactured by US Fleet Tracking,  and we provide service, installation, training, and warranty support for everything we sell.

We offer US Fleet Tracking Web Based GPS Tracking Solutions For:

    • Fleet Vehicles
    • Sub-Prime Auto Finance Collections and Recovery
    • Tracking Children, Teen Drivers, and Alzheimer Patients
    • Law Enforcement Applications
    • Surveillance
    • Cargo Tracking
    • Asset Protection & Recovery
    • Watercraft
    • Construction Equipment
    • Other Mobile Assets


Web Based
Fleet Tracking System Capabilities

Track one vehicle or view the location of your entire fleet on the Internet. 

View Real Time location or route history displayed on color Google or Navpro Mapping Systems that are constantly updated.

Use Map, Street, Birdseye, Satellite, and other map display options.

Get Detail Reports -Fleet Management
-Route History
-Speeding Alerts
-Geo-fence Alerts
-PTO/Aux Systems

Use your computer to communicate directly with your drivers.

Receive alerts when drivers Speed or exit Geographic  boundaries you have set.

Route drivers from your computer using in-cab Land Navigation Units.

Shut vehicle down if stolen.

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