AT-V3 Pro Fleet Tracker


The AT-V3 Pro is the newest addition to the US Fleet Tracking line of quality Fleet Management products.  The AT-V3 can be set up through US Fleet Tracking to update its location at 5-second or 10-second intervals to provide truly live tracking of your fleet assets and auxiliary power equipment. Monitor your entire fleet in real time from any web enabled computer or smart phone where the location of each vehicle in your fleet is continuously updated.  The device is small (2.5”W x 3.125”L x .875”H) and the internal GPS and Cellular antennas make installation very simple.

AT-V3 Pro $ 239.00

AT-V3 Pro Configurations

AT-V3 Pro Features   

  • Live Fleet Tracking

  • Unparalleled Reliability

  • Web Based Mapping System

  • View or Download over 20 Types of Reports

  • Geo-Fencing

  • Monitor Speed Violations

  • Remotely Manage Vehicle Systems from your PC using up to three Input or Output relays.

    • Use Starter Interrupt to shut down the vehicle if stolen.

    • Monitor and record the use of PTO or Auxiliary Power Units

    • Sound the Vehicle Horn

    • Lock or Unlock Doors

    • Control or Receive Alerts from other vehicle mounted equipment.

  • Internal GPS/Cellular Antennas

  • Quad Band GSM/GPRS 3G Cellular Connectivity

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Programmable from Your PC

  • Manage Scheduled Maintenance

  • $29.95/Month Flat Rate Service Fee for updates every 10 seconds

  • No Annual Service Contract is Required.  Activate or deactivate any unit through US Fleet Tracking to stop/restart monthly service charges.

  • Unlimited locates

  • Call for Quantity Discounts


The AT-V3 Pro is housed in a Water and Dust Resistant Housing, with solid state circuitry throughout, for trouble free operation in a fleet environment where vibration, temperature, and moisture eat up the competition.

Mother Nature and her elements have nothing on the AT-V3 Pro. This rugged, weather-resistant tracking device is new to the award winning lineup of US Fleet Tracking’s live GPS tracking devices, offering stronger 3G connectivity. The AT-V3 Pro performs as soundly as it predecessor, the AT-X5 Pro, and still packs that powerhouse punch of reliability.

The AT-V3 Pro also includes a longer lasting back-up battery (10 hrs) and three inputs and three outputs to monitor, control, and collect information about the operation of auxiliary equipment. You now know what your equipment is doing and how it’s performing while in the field – all from any web browser anywhere in the world.

The AT-V3 Pro gives you the same great service of LIVE turn-by-turn movement of your equipment and vehicles, verify hours of equipment operation, maintenance alerting features and create more than 20 different logs and reports on the fly with US Fleet Tracking’s web-based tracking system.

Empower your crews with detailed data from your heavy-duty vehicles and heavy machinery to make the right decisions and build a more efficient business to positively impacting your company’s bottom line.

From any Internet connected computer, you can:

 ·        Monitor the real time location and movement of the entire fleet, or zoom in to closely track one vehicle. All vehicle locations are automatically updated at five or ten second intervals (you decide on the frequency) and displayed on your computer, so there is no need to "poll" any unit to determine its current location.

·        Set speed limits, maintenance schedules, geo-fences, alerts, and other variables for each fleet vehicle. The System then provides on demand reports or instant alerts to you via Email or Text Message  

·        Use Relays to monitor/control the use of PTO/Auxiliary Equipment, or to remotely interrupt the starter, sound the horn, lock/unlock doors, or start/stop auxiliary equipment from your computer.  Select the number of relays you need at checkout.

Communicate directly (send and receive) with one or all of your drivers using the faster TCP/IP UDP protocol (not SMS Text Messaging).

·        Use geo-fencing to designate specific reportable locations (your company, customer docks, after-duty parking locations, operational areas, geographic limits).  The system automatically records and reports arrival or departures from these locations.

·        Use Speed or Geo-Fence Alerts to immediately advise dispatch of policy violations (after-hour use, speeding, driving outside operational areas, etc).  Alerts can be received 24/7 via SMS Text or email.

·        Monitor established Fleet Maintenance Schedules and automatically alert the dispatcher when specific scheduled services are due.

·        Review or download a variety of management reports that are automatically created from the 90-day stored history for each vehicle. (Fleet Management Reports, Vehicle Start/Stop Reports, Speed Violations, Maintenance, Alert History, and many more.

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