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GPS For Auto Finance, Leasing & Rental Operations 

GPS tracking solutions for use in the Auto Finance, Vehicle Rental, and Buy Here Pay Here market sectors are highly reliable automotive grade GPS Systems with features that are particularly designed for these markets.  In this market, our customers are more interested in "location on demand" (the ability to activate the device and track the vehicle for a short period until the vehicle is recovered), ease of installation, and unit price. Service Fees for this market sector are generally lower because our customers are not interested in continuous tracking of every vehicle.  In the Auto Finance, Buy Here Pay Here, and Vehicle Rental Markets, we offer very attractive Annual Service Plans that provide a specified number of "locates" for each fleet unit, and these "locates" are pooled so that they can be used for any vehicle in your fleet, so your operating costs are much lower.

Our GPS Tracking Solutions For Auto Finance, Rental, and Buy Here Pay Here Markets Allow You To:

    • Activate and test each device before the vehicle is released.
    • Set Geo-fence boundaries and receive Geo-Fence Alerts when a vehicle exits a geographic area you have defined.
    • Track and display the current location of any vehicle in your fleet.
    • View Daily Route History Reports/Maps for any vehicle.
    • Activate or Deactivate Starter Interrupt (An Optional Feature that allows you to deactivate the vehicle starter to assist in collections or recovery).
    • Activate or Deactivate Payment Notification (An Optional Feature that activates/deactivates a buzzer that sounds inside the car each time the vehicle is started - useful in collecting on overdue accounts.)
    • Activate or Deactivate Payment Reminder System (An Optional Feature that allows you to automatically send SMS Text messages and/or emails to owners of vehicles to remind them of their payment schedule.)

Item Name: Aercept 1450 Series GPS Tracker

Manufactured by CalAmp, the Aercept 1450 series of GPS real time tracking devices are specifically designed for use in the Buy Here Pay Here,  Auto Finance, and Rental markets.  A one-year Service Agreement and 150 locates are included in the price of the hardware, and the OBD-II Power Harness and internal GPS/Cellular antennas make the unit extremely easy to install.  The OBD-II Power Harness, allows you to connect the device directly to the OBD-II connector, available on all late model cars.  When ordering, specify Standard Wiring Harness if you do not want the OBD-II Power Harness. 
Item Number: LMU-1450S
Price: $200.00-$240.00 (Depending on Options)
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