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GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

We offer a variety of Fleet Tracking & Management Solutions from US Fleet Tracking, a US Based Company with over thirty years of experience, and millions of satisfied customers.  These products offer a variety of features, and price-points, and were selected because they allow us to design a Fleet Management System that will meet both your operational requirements and your budget.  Tell us about your operation, and allow us to demonstrate what we can do for your Company.  We have systems that:

  • Track and display the current location of your entire fleet.
  • Provide Daily Route History and Stop/Start Reports for each vehicle.
  • Allow you to monitor and record the use of PTO's & Auxiliary Equipment.
  • Provide automated two-way messaging between your drivers and your dispatcher
  • Provide Dispatch Directed Land Navigation (routes and intermediate stop/way points) to your driver through in-cab Land Navigation Modules.
  • Provide you with the ability to shut down stolen vehicles from your computer.
  • Allow you to establish Geo-Fence perimeters to control the operational area, document unauthorized use of vehicular assets, and alert you directly by email or SMS Text Message when a vehicle enters or exits a Geofence area or region.
  • Record speeding violations and issue periodic reports by driver.

  • Help you manage Fleet Maintenance by monitoring and reporting requirements for scheduled services.

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Item Name: US Fleet Tracking OBD-V3 Tracker

The OBD-V3 is a low cost GPS tracking solution for fleet managers, parents or caregivers who want an extremely reliable GPS Tracking System to help monitor employees, children, or elderly parents' location and driving habits.  The US Fleet Tracking OBD-V3 Tracker simply plugs into the OBDII Diagnostic Port of your vehicle to provide continuous live GPS tracking of your vehicle.  Simply plug it into the OBDII port, then log into your tracking account at US Fleet Tracking to monitor the current location and speed of the vehicle; set Geo-Fence Alerts to notify you immediately if the vehicle strays outside pre-determined zones; review and download standardized reports that provide historical data on the location, address, and duration of all stops; review the vehicle's route history for any period of time -  its just that simple!  

Item Number: OBD-V3
Price: From $ 199.00
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Item Name: US Fleet Tracking AT-V3 Pro Fleet Tracker

The AT-V3 Pro web based real time tracking system can be configured to update its location at 1-second,  5-second,  or 10-second intervals to provide truly live tracking of your entire fleet.  The AT-V3 is housed in a rugged water resistant housing with internal GPS and Cellular antennas that make the device very easy to install.  The device is small, measuring only 2.5”W x 3.125”L x .875”H, and permits the use of Geo-Fencing, Speed Alerts, Maintenance Alerts, and provides a variety of vehicle and fleet management reports.  By logging into the Service Provider's website, you can track one vehicle or your entire fleet in real time from any web based computer. The device supports three inputs and outputs that can be used to monitor PTO/Auxiliary Power Units, or remotely control or disconnect the starter, horn, electronic locks, or electrical systems on the vehicle.

Item Number: AT-V3
Price: $ From 239.00 to $299.00, Depending on Options
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Item Name: US Fleet Tracking NT-V3 Co-Pilot Fleet Tracker & Land Navigation Module.

This is not your typical GPS street navigation device.  The NT-V3 Co-Pilot links a state-of-the-art GPS Tracking System with your Garmin® nüvi® or Garmin® dēzl™ series Personal Navigation Devices* (PNDs) to provide you with a Fleet Management System that gives you total control over your fleet, and the ability to monitor fleet activity on a continuous basis.   It’s the perfect solution for dispatching calls to your fleet vehicles while monitoring their actual locations.

Communicate with your drivers, by sending and receiving messages from any computer connected to the Internet. Imagine having the ability to dispatch service calls directly to your vehicles and receive a response back from your drivers that they are on location and have arrived at their intended destination!  Additionally, you’ll know that their route to the destination was the most efficient one available, which drives additional profits to your bottom line. Watching your bottom line LIVE, turn-by-turn, can save you thousands on fuel costs, labor and dispatching.

The system permits your dispatcher to issue routing instructions to delivery/service vehicles, monitor their actual locations, manage vehicle maintenance, and monitor driver conformance with your company's policies (time and attendance, speeding, routing instructions, use of PTO/Auxiliary Equipment, etc.)

The NT-V3 Co-Pilot provides you with a real time web based GPS Tracking System that is small, portable, easily installed, extremely versatile, and allows you to communicate directly with your driver through the cab-mounted Garmin Touch screen to provides a Land Navigation System that allows your dispatcher to input routing instructions and communicate with the driver through the cab-mounted Touch screen. .  The device also provides four inputs and three outputs (control channels) that can be used to monitor and control PTO/Auxiliary Power Units, or remotely control or disconnect the vehicle starter, horn, electronic locks, or other electrical systems on the vehicle.  This unit has all of the Fleet Management capabilities of higher-priced systems and operates on the US Fleet Tracking Network, which captures and stores historic tracking data (speed, location and duration of stops, routes, etc.), PTO Auxiliary System Usage Records, and vehicle maintenance records, to provide you with Standardized Reports or downloadable reports that you can customize to meet your specific needs.

Item Number: NT-V3 CoPilot
Price: From $ 249.00 to $289.00 Depending on Options
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