OBD-V3 GPS Tracker


Installation has never been easier! The US Fleet Tracking OBD-V3 simply plugs into the OBDII Diagnostic Port of your vehicle, to provide continuous live GPS tracking of your vehicle.  Simply plug it in to the OBDII port, then log into your tracking account at US Fleet Tracking to monitor the location of the vehicle or review current or historical data on the vehicle's speed,  location, starts and stops, fuel level, etc. - its just that simple!OBD.

OBD-V3 Tracker

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OBD-V3 Features 

  • 100% Web Based Fleet Tracking 24-7

  • No Software to install

  • Uses Google Maps to display current location in Map View, Satellite View, or Street View

  • Small in size (1.8" x 2.18"  x 1.08")

  • Rugged Solid State Circuitry with Unparalleled Reliability

  • Simple to Install

  • Operates from Vehicle's 12v system - no batteries required.

  • Updates It's Location Every 10 Seconds

  • 90 Day History Stored Online for Your Review

  • View or Download Reports

  • Geo-fencing with alerts.

  • Set Speed Limits and Monitor Speed Violations

  • SMS Text or Email Alerts to You When Vehicle Arrives at or Departs from Geo-fenced Alert Zone or Location, or Exceeds Speed Limits you have set.

  • Internal GPS/Cellular Antennas

  • Quad Band 3G GSM/GPRS Cellular Transmission

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Programmable from your PC

  • Manages Scheduled Maintenance

  • $29.95 Monthly Service Fee includes unlimited locates

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The OBD-V3 is a low cost GPS tracking solution for fleet managers, parents or caregivers who want an extremely reliable GPS Tracking System to help monitor employees, children, or elderly parents' driving habits.  It provides all of the features you have come to expect from US Fleet Tracking, just log into your account at USFT to:

        Set reporting frequency, speed limits, maintenance schedules, geo-fences, alerts, and other variables for each vehicle on your USFT account - one vehicle or a fleet of hundreds of vehicles it doesn't matter!

        Monitor the real time location and movement of your entire fleet, or zoom in to track one vehicle.  The OBD-V3 updates its location every 10 seconds, so you always know the exact location of each vehicle you are monitoring.  If you want more frequent updates, you can set your USFT account to report updates every second, or every 5 seconds at a nominal cost.  .

        Use geo-fencing to designate specific reportable locations (your home or your company, customer docks, after-duty parking locations) or operational areas, geographic zones,  or regions).  The system automatically records and reports arrival or departure from these locations or zones, and maintains a history for each vehicle and the entire fleet.

        Use Speed or Geo-Fence Alerts to record and/or immediately report policy violations (after-hour use, speeding, driving outside operational areas, etc).  Alerts can be issued to you 24/7 via SMS Text or email, or you can elect to monitor policy violations by viewing historical reports. For children or elderly parents, designate "off limits" areas, and the system will alert you anytime the vehicle enters or departs these locations/zones or exceeds the speed limits you have established for the vehicle.

        Establish Fleet Maintenance Schedules to automatically alert you when scheduled services are due for a vehicle.

    Review or download a variety of management reports which are created from the 90-day stored history for each vehicle. (Fleet Management Reports, Vehicle Start/Stop Reports, Speed Violations, Maintenance, Alert History, and many more.)  Design your own reports.