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PTV3 Pro Tracker Kit


The PTV3 Covert Tracker is a battery operated GPS tracking device that updates its location every 10-seconds to provide truly live tracking of teen drivers, children, Alzheimer patients, high-value cargo, or other assets. The device transmits and receives data over the AT&T 3G Network, so it will work in locations where other devices cannot communicate.  US Fleet Tracking will charge you $39.95/month for their Tracking Services, but there is no annual contract.  You can activate or deactivate the device at any time, so you only pay the Monthly Service Fee when you are using the device.

Once you have activated and installed the PTV3, you can monitor the subject's or asset's location in real time from any web enabled computer.  The USFT Tracking App also allows you to monitor and control the device from Smart Phones, I-Phones, I-Pads, or other web enabled devices.

The PTV3 Standard Tracker comes with a rechargeable 1.4Ah Lithium Ion battery pack that provides 3 to 7 days of continuous tracking, and a wall charger.  The device is very small (2.28"W x 3.9"L x 0.9"H) and can be worn on the belt, like a cell phone, or it can be hidden inside toys, backpacks, packages, or vehicles.

The PTV3 Pro Tracker Kit includes a 9.9 Ah rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery with charger that extends the battery service life of the unit to 14-21 days. An internal motion sensor cycles the unit from standby to full power, so actual battery service time will vary with activity.  A rugged waterproof and dust proof 80 Lb Pull Magnetic Slap & Track Pelican case is also provided when you choose the PTV3 Pro Tracker Kit.  The magnetic Pelican Case can be used to quickly attach the device to the underside of vehicles, construction equipment, or other assets.

PTV3 Options

PTV3 Features

  • Web Based Tracking

  • Unparalleled Reliability

  • 10-Second Updates

  • System Uses Google Maps with Map View, Street View and Satellite View

  • No Software to Install

  • View Current Location

  • View/Download Reports

  • Set Geo-fence Alerts

  • Set Speeding Alerts

  • Internal Antennas

  • Quad Band 3G GSM/GPRS

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Program from your PC Using US Fleet Tracking Menus

        $39.95 Monthly Service
          Fee -
Unlimited Locates

Deactivate the USFT Tracking Service When Tracking is Not Required to Avoid Monthly Service Fees.

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From any Internet connected computer or Smart Phone, you can:

        Monitor the real time location and movement of the object or person you are tracking. The PTV3 updates its location to our server every 10 seconds, so you always know the exact location of the object you are tracking.

        Use Geo-Fencing to define specific locations (a residence, school, construction site, section of town, a customer dock, or other fixed points). The system automatically records and reports arrivals or departures from these locations.

        Use Geo-Fence Alerts to immediately notify you via SMS Text to your cell phone or email whenever a Geo-Fence Alert indicates that the subject has arrived or departed from the Geo-Fenced location.

        Set Speeding Parameters so the system will record and report speeding violations.

        Review or download a variety of reports that are automatically created from the 90-day stored history for each tracking device. (Daily Reports, Start/Stop Reports, Speeding Reports, Geo-Fence Alerts, and many more.)  The Stop-Start Report is particularly useful because it can be downloaded or viewed in an Excel Speadsheet format that lists the location, address, and duration of each stop, and provides a Google Map View page to show the exact location of each stop.