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Surveillance & Cargo Tracking

Every product listed on this website has been tested or used by our firm.  They work for us, and they will work for you.  Purchasers are responsible for the legal installation and use of these products, and are encouraged to consult with an attorney to ensure that the installation or use does not violate local or State laws in their particular jurisdiction.

Item Name: PT-V3 Real Time GPS Tracker
The PT-V3 Covert Tracker is a battery operated GPS tracking device that updates its location every 10-seconds to provide truly live tracking of teen drivers, children, Alzheimer patients, high-value cargo, or other assets.  By logging into the US Fleet Tracking website, you can track the vehicle or object in real time from your computer. We recommend this device for any surveillance application because the device is very reliable and has its own 1.4 Ah rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery and wall charger, that provides 3-7 days of operation.  The Service Provider offers unlimited tracking at a very reasonable price on a month-to-month basis.  Just charge it up, call US Fleet Tracking to activate the unit, and begin tracking.

Item Number: PTV3-201
Price: $229.00
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Item Name: PT-V3 Pro Real Time GPS Tracker Kit
The PT-V3 Pro GPS Tracker Kit includes the PT-V3 tracker described above, but also includes a waterproof and dustproof Pelican case with an 80 Lb-Pull magnet, and a 9.9 Ah Lithium Ion Extended Battery with charger.  The extended battery permits operation of the device for 3-4 weeks without recharging the battery, and the rugged Magnetic Slap-and-Track Pelican Case can be used to quickly attach the device to the underside of vehicles, construction equipment, or other assets. 

Item Number: PT-V3 Pro 202
Price: $378.00
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